Why should I buy a Consumer Solar Plant?

Because a Consumer Solar Plant can produce part of the household electricity you need and then significantly reduce the total expenditure on electricity. With every kilowatt hour that you generate with the PV system and consume yourself, you save between 24 and 36 cents according to the electricity price of your provider. In addition, you are sure that exactly this proportion is not produced harmful to the environment in a coal/gas or nuclear power plant. We believe that the electricity supply should be decentralized in the hands of citizens and should not be left to the electricity giants.

How does the Consumer Solar Power work ?

The Plug Solar Power Plant is a compact photovoltaic system. It consists of solar modules and a micro inverter for feeding into your own electric home network. Ideally, the micro inverter is attached directly to the outside of the substructure of the solar module. The module is connected to the micro inverter via standard plugs. Then the 230V output cable of the inverter is connected to any house socket. Done. The difference to a large photovoltaic system as it is known so far is that the electricity produced is not fed into the general supply network and may be paid for this, but enters directly into your own electrical home network and consumed directly there. This immediately reduces electricity costs, as the amount of electricity generated and consumed by yourself does not have to be purchased by the electricity supplier. Your electricity meter runs slower or may stop completely as long as electricity is produced in the Plug Solar Power Plan.

Register a Plug Solar?

If you decide to contact your network operator or Consulting electricity providers before using a Plug Solar and connecting the system can sometimes lead to unqualified or legally questionable statements or claims. Please let us know, usually we have the right solutions for you. In industry circles, it is assumed behind closed doors that 80% do not register the system. There is no law that requires this and, to the best of our knowledge, the electricity supplier has never terminated, as he wants to do business with you.

Is individual power generation with a Plug Solar legal?

Yes. The use of the sun is an inalienable, democratic human right. This is derived from the fundamental rights of the Basic Law. Purchase and operation are legal. However, technical rules must be observed.

Does the connection have to be made by an electrical installer?

No. The connection in the so-called final circuit is expressly provided by the layman. This is secured in DIN VDE 0100-551-1:2016-09.

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