Photovoltaic balcony power plants – how to generate your own electricity

When it comes to protecting the environment, there are many ways to do good. For example, some people do without a car and take their bicycle to work instead, while others pay attention to plastic consumption. One of the biggest challenges, however, is the way in which our society generates the electricity it consumes. A proven means of doing this is through renewable energy sources, such as solar power. However, this type of energy production must not only take place in huge solar parks, but also generate electricity directly on your balcony. So-called balcony power stations are suitable for this. These are small photovoltaic systems which you can install on your balcony to generate your own green electricity. Read in this article what to look out for, whether you can make money with a winning comparison of balcony power plants and which legal regulations apply.

Balcony photovoltaic power station recommendation 2022

Why buy a balcony power station?

Photovoltaic Balcony Power PlantsThe threat of climate change is a grave danger. For this reason, an attempt should be made to operate in a more sustainable way when it comes to energy production. Up to now, most electricity in Germany has been produced with outdated technologies, such as coal-fired power generation. This generates a lot of emissions and exacerbates the climate crisis. For this reason, not only politicians are considering how to find a way to generate energy in an environmentally friendly way, but also many citizens. Many environmentally conscious people rely on generating solar power with a photovoltaic balcony power plant. Buying a small photovoltaic system for your home terrace or balcony is simple, cheap and protects the environment. Here are the advantages for you if you obtain the solar modules from a balcony electrical shop:

environmentally friendly solar energy
easy installation of the photovoltaic system without an expert
you save on electricity costs and energy costs
Feed into the public power grid to make money

Is there a legal regulation for photovoltaic balcony power plants?

Legislation defines certain regulations in the field of private electricity generation that also apply to balconies and terraces. If you are looking for low effort and low purchase costs or if you are unable to operate a photovoltaic system on your roof, you should consider a photovoltaic balcony power station as a first-time user. The legal regulations governing the operation of a balcony power station are not too complicated. According to the law, the following criteria must be observed:

A balcony power station with a maximum capacity of 600 W
The electricity meter must have a reverse lock
The legal regulations for balcony power plants are there to prevent fraud. Because if you buy electricity from the outside, you can read off your electricity meter without a reverse lock.

Which PV power plant is recommended?

There are several important points to consider when choosing the right photovoltaic balcony power plant. For example, solar power plants differ in terms of their output, their scope of supply and their suitability for the size of the flat or the purpose for which they are being used. Many balcony power station shops offer complete solutions in the form of photovoltaic balcony power station kits. These include the necessary cables, plugs and solar module as well as a return lock for the electricity meter. This saves the order of individual parts, and you immediately have everything you need to generate your own electricity on your balcony and save money.

This leads to the next point: how much electricity do I want to produce for myself on my balcony? The regulation provides a maximum output of 600 watts for self-sufficiency. Two tips where you can assess how much electricity you want and the size of your flat, and whether you want to feed electricity into the public grid or only want to produce electricity for your own use. Photovoltaic balcony power plants are already available in capacities from less than 300 watts up to 800 watts. If you have a large flat or house and live there with a large family, it is advisable to buy a powerful solar balcony power plant. A good example of this are offers such as the 600W Balcony Power Station from manufacturer Alpha Solar. If you live in a small flat anyway, a less powerful balcony power station should also be sufficient. A recent test of a balcony power station compared various balcony power plants for solar power.

If you buy a 600 Watt photovoltaic balcony power station and produce a lot of electricity, there is another option in addition to feeding it into the public power grid. This is called a balcony power station with storage. For a little more money, you can buy a balcony power station with storage space. The benefit of this is obvious: a photovoltaic balcony genset often produces a lot of electricity, especially when you can’t use it. For example, because you’re not home at the moment. A solar Balcony Power Station with storage allows the electricity produced to be stored temporarily and only consumed after a certain time.

Photovoltaic calculator: how you can quickly and easily see how much electricity you have produced

The big advantage of photovoltaic systems is that you can reduce your energy costs. To make it quick and easy for you to find out how much electricity you have produced yourself after you have purchased a solar Balcony Power Station, there are calculators available online. With this calculator, you only enter the data for your balcony power station where it is located and you can immediately see the electricity produced. This calculator also allows you to estimate how much electricity you have already saved.

Which power plants are worthwhile – make a recommendation for your balcony genset

Many websites on the Internet have already published a test of the balcony power station. There, they contrast the various photovoltaic balcony power plants. As can be seen from the table above, photovoltaic balcony power plants are suitable for small flats as well as large flats. Testing of balcony power plants has shown that most solar power plants on the market are perfectly suitable for their application and are manufactured in good quality in both Asia and Germany.

How much does a photovoltaic balcony power station cost?

On average, you should expect the cost to be around 600 euros. If you want more output, you also pay a little more. However, this higher amount should not deter you. The longevity of the solar modules of a balcony power station has been proven in various tests. You will also save good energy costs in the long term.

The upshot: Generating electricity on a balcony is cheap and easy.

A photovoltaic balcony power station is a good way of doing something for the climate and the environment. The generation of electricity from solar energy is a promising technology and produces no harmful greenhouse gases. A good side effect of environmentally friendly electricity generation is also a reduction in electricity costs. Due to the fact that you generate your own electricity to a certain extent, you also incur lower electricity costs. However, because of legal regulations, the amount of electricity is limited, so you cannot make a lot of money by feeding it into the public grid. Instead, you become a self-sufficient supplier and less dependent on the big electricity companies and rising electricity prices. In addition, by running a green solar system, you show solidarity with the younger generation and switch to a climate-friendly alternative balcony power plant.